The Second Date Curse

The Second Date Curse

You’ve got the first date out of the way. It all went well and now you’ve got a second date booked. Excellent!

Unfortunately for many men, the second date is where it all falls apart. The first date goes great, and then for whatever reason, you have nothing to talk about on the second date.
Assuming that your first date was just a casual coffee; make the second date a fun and casual dinner with dessert and a walk afterwards. You can never go wrong with an ice cream cone (in the summer).

Dating is a lot like applying for a job. First you send in your resume, and basing everything off that, the employer will decide to call you in or not. Dating is much the same. No matter how you met the girl, whether it be online or in person, that was essentially you showing her your resume (personality + looks), and after liking what she saw, she said yes to the date.

The second date is much like being called in for a second interview, where they ask you tougher questions and bring out other staff to conduct the interview.

After the first date, she’ll have already told her friends about you, at which point they’ll start asking a bunch of questions and putting things into to her brain….things that’ll come out in the second date. That’s how women work.

What you have to remember for the second date is that she already likes you enough to go out with you again. This is more for her to verify a few things, so she can (usually by the third date) introduce you to her friends.

You just have to do what you did on the first date that got you the second date.
Keep things light and fun. The serious stuff can come up in future dates.

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